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We Help AnyOne on the Cloud, SaaS, PaaS Platforms, Websites and More

No matter your cloud workload is, our software can help you minimize your infrastructure costs without any service interruptions

Cloud Solutions

Spot instances are cheap but they can be terminated by AWS with 2 minutes notice. However, MaxSpotter prediction algorithms continously measures and predicts termination likelihood. Before the termination notice by AWS, it auto replaces existing spot instances with new ones for service continuity.

SaaS Platforms, CI/CD Servers

You don't need to worry about your existing servers. MaxSpotter supports opt-in or opt-out mode. MaxSpotter converts your existing servers in AutoScaling groups within minutes gracefully.

PaaS, Big Data, Data Analytics Platforms

Any workload on the cloud can be run on cheap spot servers, if your servers are not single point of failures. This is our philosophy.

We Work with Many SaaS, PaaS, Data Analytics or DevOps teams

We support AWS for the moment, however Azure and GCP are on their way.