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MaxSpotter continously optimizes cloud workloads
Provides upto 90% cost savings

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Easy Installation
You can launch it using the provided CloudFormation or Terraform stack. It is doable within a couple of minutes.
You can install it with minimal set of IAM permissions
Save Up to 90%
Automatically bids the best price for long running instances against the Amazon AWS EC2 spot market, allowing you to generate significant savings upto 90%
Track Instances
With user friendly dashboard, you can track your instances and cost savings easily
Proven Technology
Machine learning algorithms continously tracks spot markets. Chooses the cheapest spot instances with the maximum capacity and the lowest interruption rates
100% Satisfaction
7/24 support for premium subscription

Detailed Spot Usage Insights

You can track your instances, instance activities, bills and more

Advanced Spot Bid & Interruption Prediction Algorithms

A sophisticated allocation based on price and availability

Save Up to 90%
Implements an automated bidding algorithm against the Amazon AWS EC2 spot market, allowing you to generate significant savings, often in the 70-90% range over on-demand
Safe For Production Deployment
Automated fail-over to on-demand.
Gradual instance replacement.
Automated traffic draining for instances behind elbs.
Supports termination lifecycle hook
Automated Bid Price Calculation
With advanced machine learning techniques, we automatically calculate best bid prices and predict interruption times
7/24 support for premium subscription

Pricing Plans

Simple pricing. In reality you pay nothing. You only pay 50% of your overall savings

  • Free upto 200$ savings
  • Installable in minutes
  • Test it yourself
  • Limited support
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  • No additional charges
  • Pay 50% of your overall savings
  • Installable in minutes
  • 7/24 Enterprise-grade Support
  • 30 days money back guarantee
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